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Welcome to the docs for MonkeyPaste, a clipboard automation and productivity tool.

Here you will find details about how to use the app beyond the intergrated help which is found by hovering over any of the icons.

Supported Platforms​

  • Windows 10 (version 1809) and higher

Projected Platforms​

  • Linux 'Coming soonest' (not all but including Debian 9+, Ubuntu 16.04+, Fedora 30+)
  • macOS 'Coming sooner' High Sierra 10.13 and higher
  • ios 'Coming soon'
  • Android 'Coming soon'
Linux will be 100% free

As a nod to Linux and free-for-use software in general, MonkeyPaste will default to the 'Unlimited' account plan free of charge on all Linux desktop platforms.


Global shortcut support on Linux is limited to Passive-mode. More info on shortcuts here

Getting Help​

If you encounter any issues or bugs with MonkeyPaste, please open a new issue in the forum at Issues or Bugs respectively.