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Stay Updated

No matter the issue, keep your OS up to date!

Go to Windows Settings or type πŸͺŸ+I then search and select 'Check for updates' to be sure.

Random application freezing?​

In some scenerios if you have switchable graphics cards MonkeyPaste will freeze and you have to restart the application.

  1. In your windows settings go to System->Display->Graphics or just press πŸͺŸ and type 'Graphics'
  2. In Custom Options For Apps->Add an app select 'Microsoft Store App'
  3. Search or scroll down then highlight 'MonkeyPaste' and select Options
  4. In the pop up select a specific card. High-performance is preferred just as long as 'Let Windows Decide' is not selected

No Sound?​

  1. Go to Windows Settings or type πŸͺŸ+I
  2. Search and select 'Sound Settings'.
  3. Scroll down to Advanced and select Volume Mixer
  4. Scroll down to Apps and select MonkeyPaste (Figure #1)
  5. If MonkeyPaste->Output Device (Figure #3) is set to Default, ensure System->Output Device (Figure #2) is set to the correct device.
  6. Increase MonkeyPaste's Volume (Figure #4).

Something Else?​

For anything other issue check or post your issue on the Troubleshooting Board so we can try to get it worked out!