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unified keys

MonkeyPaste ignores the difference between left or right modkeys and num pad or home row number keys. They are all considered the same key.

Managing Shortcuts​

All available shortcuts can be found in the Settings->Shortcuts menu.

Changing a Shortcut​

You can change the keys for a shortcut by hovering over the keys and clicking the button.

Global Routing Types​

What are Routing Types?​

Routing Type is a term used loosely in MonkeyPaste to describe how and when keyboard input is delivered to the active application from the opearting system.

PassiveAll shortcuts are passed through to active application.
PreThe shortcut will be executed before the active application receives it so an active application shortcut can happen after.
PostThe shortcut will be executed after the active application receives it so an active application shortcut can happen before.
OverrideThe last key of the shortcut will be suppressed from input to the active application so it will be unknown to the active application.
Exclusive Override(Experimental) This is a special type of override mode designed for the locking keys (Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock). It only allows one key (non-modifier) for its assignment but will be executed anytime no matter what other keys are down. This prevents the lock key from getting stuck in its lock state.
When in doubt Override

To ensure your global shortcut doesn't conflict with some other applications shortcut, set the Routing Type to Override. Also it helps to make it one you don't use in other applications then if it does conflict with one somewhere, it won't really matter since you don't use it anyways!

Why No Sequences!?!

Sequences are a series of key strokes instead of just one combination to trigger a shortcut. Initially MonkeyPaste was designed to allow sequences but there's serious complexities that arise when also trying to support Override becomes crazy!

So to keep the system stable I needed to pick one or the other and decided there's more advantages to Override since you likely won't have that many global shortcuts to deal with and it ensures they'll 'always' work.


Editor (read-only)​

Shift Line UpAlt Up
Shift Line DownAlt Down
Duplicate SelectionControl D


Assign ShortcutControl I
Clear Pin TrayControl Shift W
Copy SelectionControl C
Cut SelectionControl X
Decrease FocusEsc
Delete Selected ItemsDelete
DuplicateControl D
Exit ApplicationControl Q
Find And Replace Selected ItemControl H
Force Minimize Main WindowControl Escape
Increase FocusSpace
Next PagePageDown
Open HelpF1
Open In WindowControl O
Orient Main Window BottomControl Down
Orient Main Window LeftControl Left
Orient Main Window RightControl Right
Orient Main Window TopControl Up
Paste SelectionControl V
Paste To ExternalControl Enter
Permanently DeleteControl Delete
Previous PagePageUp
RedoControl Y
Reset Selection ZoomControl 0
Scroll To EndEnd
Scroll To HomeHome
Select Next Column ItemRight
Select Next Row ItemDown
Select Previous Column ItemLeft
Select Previous Row ItemUp
Show SettingsControl ,
Toggle Append Manual ModeControl G
Toggle Content Read OnlyControl E
Toggle Filter Menu VisibleControl K
Toggle Main Window LockedControl L
Toggle PinnedControl P
UndoControl Z
Window Size DownControl Shift Down
Window Size LeftControl Shift Left
Window Size RightControl Shift Right
Window Size UpControl Shift Up
Zoom In On SelectionControl =
Zoom Out On SelectionControl -


Manually Add From ClipboardControl Shift F9
Toggle Append Insert ModeControl Shift F6
Toggle Append Line ModeControl Shift F5
Toggle Append PausedControl Shift F8
Toggle Append Pre ModeControl Shift F7
Toggle Auto Copy ModeControl Shift F2
Toggle Listen To ClipboardControl Shift F1
Toggle Main WindowControl F1
Toggle Right Click Paste ModeControl Shift F3