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There are 2 types of plugins that MonkeyPaste currently supports:

  1. Analyzers
  2. Clipboard


As their name implies, Analyzers analyze a clip's content or some set of the clips properties to create some type of useful output by generating new content or annotating its input content (always a clip).

For example translating the language of a text clip (like with the 'Google Lite Text Translator' plugin) will generate a new clip for that translation. Or running image analysis (like with the 'Image Annotator' plugin) on a picture will annotate that picture with information about regions of interest or detected objects in that image. This information is dependant on the source clip. MonkeyPaste calls that information an annotation.

Source Tracking

Under the covers, MonkeyPaste keeps a history of all its plugin interaction and connections for source->generated content as well as the specific settings that were used everytime an analyzer is executed.

Some of this information is available in the Clip Context-menu->Sources sub-menu but there can be a lot more tracked then what you currently can see. Its just is filtered out because its not immediatly useful yet. This will change in future releases.


Plugin Driven

All of MonkeyPaste's core platform integration is handled through the Core Clipboard plugin.

Clipboard plugins are used for both clipboard and drag-and-drop read/write operations. Each clipboard will have a set of formats that it can handle for reading, writing or both.

Each format a clipboard plugin can handle is basically its own Analyzer plugin, it will have its own parameters and presets. Unlike Analyzer plugins however, Clipboard format presets can be enabled or disabled for general (default) or application specific clipboard operations.

More Info

Check out the VS Code Setup walkthrough for a practical example of using Clipboard format presets

Plugin Browser​

The plugin browser can be accessed from the analyzer sidebar by click the 🧩 button found to the right of the analzyer selector drop-down.

Resetting Credentials and API Keys​

For plugins with shared parameters, like ChatGpt or Azure Computer Vision you can reset/clear them from the Analyzer Preset Table by clicking the Reset button:

Now you'll see the Reset Option Dialog. Click Reset Shared to clear:

After the shared parameters are cleared when you run the analyzer again you will now see the shared/execute parameter notification so you can use different data: