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Account (deprecated)

MonkeyPaste is Freeware now

Subscriptions have been removed (as of and there are no longer any capacity limits πŸŽ‰

This page is just here for posterity now.

To be as accessible as possible all features are fully available in the 3 account levels that MonkeyPaste supports. However to monetize this effort while maintaining your privacy as an upmost precedent MonkeyPaste uses content recycling to limit its internal storage based on the account type.

Linux will be free

Linux support is coming soon...As a nod to Linux and free-for-use software in general, MonkeyPaste will default to the 'Unlimited' account plan for free on all Linux platforms.


TypeMax ClipsMax Trash

How to Upgrade​

You can upgrade in the app from the Settings->Account tab and selecting Subscriptions on the right-hand panel. Then select 'Basic' or (preferred) 'Unlimited' plans.

15% Yearly Discount

Select Yearly from the subscription menu to save 15%.


Failure to pay or intentionally downgrading your account will have NO effect on the clips you have stored at that time. Only new clips will be considered for recycling. What you have collected while paying will remain intact.



Free and basic account content capacity (will now be referred to as content cap) is limited to some fixed amount so that newly added clips will replace the oldest in a first-in-first-out manner. Where the oldest clip will be moved to the Trash when any new items are added.

Favorites is your safe place

Adding a clip to your Favorites collection prevents it from getting recycled.

Favorite Recycling

To avoid having to block adding new clips because of content cap, MonkePaste will automatically remove the oldest clip from your Favorites collection if and only if its at your plans limit (see here for those limits).


Trash capacity works just the same as content capacity except when a clip is recycled it will become permanently deleted.


PlanContent LimitTrash Limit
Big Data, No Problem

If you have the 'Unlimited' plan, there is no limit to the amount of content you can store! MonkeyPaste is optimized to efficiently handle millions of clips!!! You can upgrade at anytime.

Content Recycling​

MonkeyPaste determines how old a clip is by its most recent activity. Here are some of the activities that will reset a clips age and lower its recycling priority:

Tips for free accounts​

See here for some tips about getting the most out of MonkeyPaste with the free account.