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Clipboard Evolved.

Responsive Design

Focus on what matters and get things done quicker with our low-profile layout, designed to minimize the steps between A and B so you stay flowing.

Integrated Experience

MonkeyPaste was designed from the ground up to evolve your clipboard into a vault for your bookmarks, notes and much more.

Extensible Environment

Built to grow using a simple plugin system that allows developers to easily extend and users to pick the features they want with point-and-click ease.

● Store text, image and file clips with all of its source (the app, website, time, and much more) information automatically

● Lighting fast search and highlighting, just start typing!

● Trigger & Action designer for custom automations and action chaining

● Ever-growing collection of community-driven plugins

● Works with rich text (tables, lists, links, etc.)
● Fully-featured clip editor with find/replace and highlighting
● Store your images in the secure database, ready to use as files anytime on-demand just drag-and-drop!
● Powerful text templating for quick, dynamic pasting from your snippet collection

● Simple and friendly interface
● Horizontal/vertical layouts, list/grid view and multi-monitor support
● Both light & dark themes are completely dynamic